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Lecture 1:  -Introduction to AutoCAD, Understanding Coordinate Systems, Function Keys,Making Objects using Grid & Snap, Line & Circle commands.
Lecture 2:  -Practice.
Lecture 3:  -Creating new Folders, Saving & Opening the Drawings. Understanding Object Snap Commands:- Polygon, Rectangle, Ellipse, Zoom, Pan, Limits, Trim, Regen.
Lecture 4:  -Commands:- From, Fillet, Chamfer, Donut
Lecture 5:  -Commands:- Array, Arc, offset.
Lecture 6:  -Practice.
Lecture 7:  -Commands:- Units, Linetype, Ltscale, Lweight, Lcolour, & Poly-line.
Lecture 8:  -Commands:- X-Line, Ray, Mline, Mlstyle, Copy, Move, Rotate, Hatch, Mirror.
Lecture 9:  -Commands:- Break, Pedit, Explode, Spline, Join.
Lecture 10: -Commands:- Stretch, Scale, Lengthen, Extend.
Lecture 11: -Commands:- Text, Mtext, Ddedit, Oops, Grip editing, Table.
Lecture 12: -Practice.
Lecture 13: -Methods of Entity Selection (Window, Crossing Window, Last, Previous,All,Window Polygon, Crossing Polygon & Fence).
Lecture 14: -Making Blocks, Inserting Blocks, Using Auto Cad Designing center,Inserting Drawing-reference.
Lecture 15: -Layers, Match Properties.
Lecture 16: -Inquiry Commands
Lecture 17: -Practice
Lecture 18: -Dimensioning the Drawings
Lecture 19: -Modifying dimensioning Style
Lecture 20: -Making Objects Using Viewports, Using Paper Space, Preparing a Layout,Plotting You’re Drawing File.
Lecture 21: -Practice